Graduation Party Favors

Graduation is a once in a lifetime moment, and like other great moments it should be made memorable by celebrating with a gusto. Graduation parties are held by students who have recently graduated. These parties are great ways for college or high school friends to get-together to celebrate the graduation. Here’s how one can celebrate this occasion by throwing a memorable graduation party with the right graduation party favors.

A party favor is a gift or memento given to guests by the host who are in attendance in the party. It also means the decorations used in party. Nowadays, it’s a tradition to give party favors to guests. Most people usually forget to pay much attention to graduation party favors and put together whatever they can find at cheap prices to give to guests. However, a graduation favor chosen with just a little care can make graduation parties memorable for lifetime.

Party favors:

For all hosts, budget is the most important thing to keep in mind while choosing the right graduation party favor for guests. There is no point in showing unnecessary extravagance by giving out expensive graduation party favors which the host might later regret as a waste of money. Similarly, too cheap a favor will more often than not end up in trash, and may even mar the hosts’ generosity and make them look like a miser. So how does one go about choosing the right budget for graduation party favors?

Deciding the budget to allot to graduation party favors is one of the trickiest parts. The problem can be solved by computing the budget at hand for the graduation party and then keeping anywhere from 5% to 20% of it aside as party favor budget. Now that the budget is allotted, it’s time to choose the right type of graduation party favor. This is the fun part, but it requires care and wits so as to be able to choose a party favor which will make the party amazing and memorable.

Cheap and fun graduation party favors can be found everywhere from Wal-Mart to thrift stores or online, or crafted by hand, although the latter requires a lot of time on the hosts’ part. More elaborate graduation favors can be bought by those who have a relatively larger budget for party favors at hand. The important thing is to choose something which can prove to be useful for the guests. This will save trouble on the guests’ part to find out what to do with a frivolous item, and regret on hosts’ part to have wasted money on such party favors.

Useful items with a hint of personal touch are the best choices for graduation party favors. For a relatively small number of guests, more personal touches can be added to the party favor. Personalized photo albums, photo frames, t-shirts, diaries, etc. make for amazing party favors which can be used by the guests and keep the hosts fresh in their memories for a long time. For a larger number of guests, personalization for every party favor would require too much trouble. Key chains with the grad year engraved on them, coffee mugs with the class group photo printed on them, or the like would make amazing party favors.

Eatables are another great choice, although their longevity is questionable. Edible graduation party favors can include long lasting stuff like jelly beans, box of chocolates, baking or drink mixes, etc. These items can also be personalized while ordering, so the party favor would be more fun and remind guests of the host while they enjoy the eatables at their leisure.


Careful selection of graduation party favors to give to guests as something to remember you by is an important part of a successful graduation party. But party favors aren’t just meant to give away. No celebration or party is complete without decorations, and a graduation party is no exception. Any party would be boring and lifeless without decorations to mark the event, and graduation party would seem even more dull since it’s an event for young college graduates.

Tasteful décor on budget-friendly prices can be found if one knows where to look. Most people hosting a graduation party would flock to the local party stores to get the decorations. These usually sell the traditional and boring streamers, balloons, and fountain centerpieces, which would make for terribly boring and somewhat childish decorations for a graduation party. Thrift stores and flea markets can also be searched for party decorations.

Since a graduation party is an event to remember the time spent in college or high school, anything and everything related to this time can be used as fun decorations. Various high school paraphernalia including sports equipment like footballs, letter jackets, trophies, awards and medals, text books and year books, pennants, pom-poms, musical instruments like guitar or flute, framed group photos of friends etc. can not only make amazing party decorations, but can later be given to guests as a party favor which they would cherish forever.

A themed graduation party is an excellent way to celebrate the event in a fun, exciting way. It has many advantages. A theme gives a unique ambiance to a graduation party. Another great thing about themed graduation party is the choice of decoration. It is much easier to buy unique decorations for a themed party. Anything fitting the theme can be used as decoration. It is also a great way to incorporate some weird or unique looking decoration into the overall décor without making it seem too out of place. Important thing here is to operate within the budget and keep a sharp eye out for anything that can be used as a graduation party decoration without breaking the theme.

There are many websites which sell some really unique and affordable graduation party decorations at inexpensive prices. Prices can be compared on the internet and cheapest options can be selected without the old-timey hassle of sorting through pamphlets. Buying graduation party favors and decoration online requires minimum effort and saves a lot of time. Those with a lot of time on hand may also opt for crafting their own graduation party decorations. Although it requires a lot of time and effort, it is an amazingly fun activity to do with friends and other grads co-hosting the party.

A graduation party can be stressful to organize, but the stress pays off well when the party is a huge hit and everyone has a great time. Those looking for ideas and help can look to internet for some great tips and valuable information about graduation party invitations, favors, decorations, menus, and entertainments. A few grads throwing a joint graduation party is a great trend and has many advantages in terms of budget, guest-list, and ideas.

As much fun as hosting a graduation party sounds, hosts should beware of certain things. A backup plan should always be in place in case of emergencies like rain. Alcohol should be avoided if any of the guests are under-age or will be driving back home after the party by themselves. A great many number of accidents happen at graduation week which turns the momentous occasion into a tragedy.